Everything comes to an end


Please send any feedback to [email protected] Don’t ask for an archive download. There is none. When this text goes online, every single image will be removed.

Welcome to the end of the archive

You may have come here to see pictures others have uploaded, or you have come here to see if I archived your pictures. I’m sory to tell you, none of this is going to happen anymore.

I decided to close down that infamous archive for good. And because the time has come to go away. The site had several reasons to exists. Mostly because i was bored due to corona and not going anywhere. I also wanted to learn new stuff and decided to archive that #15min chatpic.org webste. But why that? You ask. I was fascinated by how much content there was uploaded every day and thought to me: This could make an interesting experiment. Those people belive, the pictures are gone after 15 minutes (At loast some of them thought so) and i wanted to see how they behave, when they find out that everything was archived for a potential eternity.

With this site, i wanted to proof to them that everything once uploaded may stay in the internet forever. And i could have easily done that. We do not know, what chatpic.org does with images which have expired. Do they keep them? Do they truly remove them? So as you could never trust in me deleting your reported pictures. You simply had to trust my word that I did so (which I really did)

This website is now defunct because of it involving a really big risk in storing User generated content. As you will see in the next section, there were a lot of images. I simply can’t keep up with moderating those images. There have been images contaiing personal information and stuff like that. I will not be held responsible for these images. And I can’t make sure they will not be available. Therefore I had to close this down. Also, the feedback from you was really mixed. Some just did not care at all and kept posting their stuff. Some liked the idea of the site but diskliked by implementation (sorry to you, I’m not an experienced web developer). But the majority of people almost went berzerk about that one site. For those i’d like to suggest a read about the streisand effect. Without you guys, the website would have stayed unknown. Possibly reaching a few hundred people. But with you reposting screenshots and warnings about the site, you made it big. Bigger than it ever was. Bigger than i have could grown it myself. I only posted a screenshot once and the rest went by itself.

Some stats

  • I archived over 84,127 or around 35 GB images in less than seven days. Thats around 10,000 images a day. That is a lot, but much, much less than I initially expected.
  • I served 218,830 ad impressions in less than 48 hours. Which made a total of $2. AMAZING. (Honestly… Doing $2 a day by doing nothing would be a really great source of income)
  • I served 2,413,467 files to you.
  • This resulted in 423.8 GB traffic
  • 3739 images have been reported for various reasons.
  • There have been 113.465 total detailed image views (Not unique, reloading increased the view count every time)
  • There have been 39,373 pictures which have been dublicates. This means, the pictures have been uploaded over and over again.
  • The most active country of visitors was the USA followed by Germany which had almost half as much traffic as the usa.
  • anon62507 wins the list with 223 reposts. Man, get a live… You have to wait 30 seconds between each upload which makes almost 2 hours constantly uploading and not missing a single chance… Here is the rest of the top 10 reuploaders:
  1. 223 anon62507
  2. 183 anon43575
  3. 160 anon93891
  4. 155 anon51786
  5. 153 anon74349
  6. 141 anon83879
  7. 115 anon35385
  8. 109 anon69240
  9. 103 anon34493
  10. 102 anon77772

That’s all?

This could have been everything. I deleted all images. But it’s not. I decided to make the archiver bot accessible to everyone on this page. It will include setup instructions for Linux, macOS and even Windows. So from today on, everyone can archive chatpic.org. Have fun.